The Senior Executive Service (SES)

The Senior Executive Service (SES) seeks to select and develop executives within a framework that supports the larger corporate interests of government. The idea behind the SES is that the government needs executives who can provide strategic leadership and whose dedication to public policy and administration surpasses their commitment to a specific agency mission or an individual profession.

For entry into the federal government's SES, a particular type of narrative statement is required: the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ). ECQs accompany a Federal Resume; they were designed to assess executive experience and potential and describe the leadership skills needed to succeed in the SES. ECQs will include five core qualifications elements: (1) Leading Change; (2) Leading People; (3) Results Driven; (4) Business Acumen; and (5) Building Coalitions.

A Resume that meets federal requirements along with ECQs can be used to apply for multiple SES positions. (Typically, this will require slight editing to fit each position.)

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