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"Your resume worked like a charm... I landed a much better job due to it. THANKS SO MUCH!!"

K.Y., Ridgefield Park, NJ
Operations Manager

Resume Writing Services Reviews

Following are a few of the actual unsolicited comments we receive from clients every day:

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"...THANKS for doing such a great job on my resume you wrote for me a couple of months ago. I can say it got results....With the new resume there was a noticeable difference in calls I was getting, and I actually had to turn down some interview requests for good jobs. I am recommending you to some friends. I have to be honest that the $300 sounds expensive up front, but now my new salary is $4000 more per year than I was making. Clearly it was well worth the investment many, many times over. Thanks!!!!!!!!"
B.P., Maple Grove, MN
Marketing Management

"...I've received at least 10 personal / phone interviews. I'm proud to say, I just got an offer....I definitely could not have done it without you and I just wanted to say thank you for your help."
R.S., Hewitt, TX
Aerospace, Aviation, Defense

" ... I had a very respected HR recruiter colleague review the documents and both the writing and the new-to-me formats received RAVE reviews. What's more, I'm getting more phone calls and pings than I think I ever have before ... I started applying to jobs but now my resume has been posted for a few days I had to stop because I can't keep up with the activity! Very, very cool. highly recommend your service ... AND my writer!!
S.M., Concord, CA
Senior Developer / Architect

"Your interpretation of my resume was a grand slam!!!! I received way more responses to my applications than I had even hoped...what's more incredible and why I'm responding to you is every business who contacted me (which were numerous) specifically remarked on how great my resume was written...just thought you might want to know..."
B.N., Reno, NV
Medical Technologist

"This looks great. Thank you so much for your help. I wanted to let you know that the first resume your company did for me last year received a fantastic response. I sent out 8 resumes and had 6 interview requests! ... You will also be pleased to know that I already have an interview using the newly re-targeted resume that was just completed. You guys are the best!"
L.M., Pekin, IL
Finance / Administration

"I started putting my private sector resume out March 24 and had an interview the following week on March 30th. Had another interview this morning with another company. I just wanted to thank you for creating such a professional, eye catching resume for me... I am referring 2 people to you as well."
B.M., Cedar Park, TX

"...To have someone who truly understands ... respects my feelings is absolutely priceless. I guess the best way I can say this, is the professionalism, sincerity and genuine commitment to my project is something we all as consumers wish we could experience with any company we do business with! Well done!"
D.S., Cary, NC
Sales Manager

"Everything looks fantastic. I needed to let you know that I sent this resume to a large financial corporation just this morning, and within 15 minutes I received a phone call setting up an interview! After 7 months of frustration in getting employers attention, this resume and cover letter was able to do it for me in 15 minutes!! ... Thank you so much."
F.S., Beaverton, OR
Training Manager

"First reaction "WOW, stunned" I really wasn't that optimistic that you would be able to take what I sent you and craft it in such a way to get so much information into 2 pages. My expectation was an incremental improvement over what I had, but you really took it to another level; I really am speechless."
M.L., Hopkinton, MA
Director of Operations

"The Resume and Cover Letter are incredible! That other Resume I had attached was actually done by one of your competitors a year ago. There is no question who did a better job... Everything is awesome! ...you are awesome! ...Your competitors can't hold a candle to you."
B.B., Keller, TX
Program Manager, Aerospace

"WOW! AWESOME! I was never confident about my resume until now. You have said everything I've been trying to say, I just couldn't put it together. Thank you very much,"
A.L., Springdale, MD
Telecommunications Engineer

"This Resume is unbelievable. I posted it on Monster and received a phone call with an offer within hours. Great job. Again, this resume is amazing. I will try to recommend this service to my friends as well. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank You Again."
J.M., Newark, DE
Senior Systems Engineer

"Thank you so much for your help. I cannot describe how happy I am that someone was able to translate my skills as an Army Officer to Civilian skills. The Resume looks and reads great."
A.W., Alcolu, SC
Headquarters Company Executive Officer, US Army

"So far I have had 3 interviews for different jobs. Two more interested whom I have not met, two seconds and one rejection. Not bad for being posted for three days I would say. I will highly recommend your services to other job seekers. The attention to the customer has also been highly commendable."
M.T., West New York, NJ
Marketing/Sales Director

"After reading all the reviews and feedback of all the major resume writing services, I short listed [the] three best services available on [the] net. I didn't want any stone unturned, so I gave the same information to all these three services and asked them to write my resume and cover letter package. The two other services were good but [your] service stood far apart. My resume and cover letter were totally transformed by [your service] and it was very rich in content. They gave my resume the cutting edge which is required in [the] job hunting process.... [your] service is truly professional with an excellent customer service. I am very happy with [your] resume writing services and will highly recommend this service to all people searching for jobs."
H.R., Tallahassee, FL
Industrial Engineer

"Hi, I wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful resume. I was only out of work for 1 week before I found the job I have been searching for so long. I have never worked as an Administrative Assistant before because no one would ever look at my resume for such a position. With your help I found a great job with a great company in only 1 week. Thanks again."
D.P., Dublin, OH
Administrative Assistant

"I just wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job on my resume. After less than a week on Monster.com, I already have a job offer that I accepted; an unbelievable ratio of 1 in 12 views! .... Thanks again for such a wonderful product."
S.D., Houston, TX
Graphic Designer/Web Developer

"Wow, is this me?! .... You did a great, great job! I couldn't be more pleased. There is a definite art to writing a good resume ... and I don't have it. But you do, and thank heavens I saw that banner ad ... Taking advantage of this service was so worth it."
R.C., Amissville, VA
Senior Manager (E-commerce & Technology)

"Your resume worked like a charm, best money that I have spent in a long time. I landed a much better job due to it. THANKS SO MUCH!!"
K.Y., Ridgefield Park, NJ
Distribution Manager

"WOW!!!! I can't believe all the stuff you were able to pull from the Skillnet questionnaire. Nice to know there is something there after my military career ... I am truly grateful ..."
S.H., Waldorf, MD
NCOIC of Personnel / Chief of Marketing and Media Relations
United States Air Force (E7)

"I love my resume and cover letter!! .... I'm not very good at tooting my own horn but you did a bang up job. .... When I sent it to my former employer for comments, to see if I had forgotten anything, his comment was '... you really did not make enough money here.'"
M.P., Carlsbad, CA.
Executive Assistant

"I cannot believe what you did with my resume. Being a writer I know how to cut through the clutter of unnecessary verbiage, but the result is that I sell myself short on my resume. You gave my resume the ooomph that it needed for the amount of experience I have. And you did it without crediting me with any attributes I don't really have. I'm simply amazed at what you did. No changes requested. Wow. Thank you so much."
S.F., Culver City, CA
Communications Director

"I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous resume, even my HR department was very impressed. They said they'd be looking into [your] services in the future and recommend it to others. Also, where I have posted my resume and other resume writing service companies have offered to give me a free consultation, no one has been able to criticize any part of the resume. Way to go!!! And thank you so much for excellent service!"
M.S., Encinitas, CA
Account Manager

"I wish to express gratitude for the fine job you did on my resume. I have gotten many positive comments on it. In addition, the various formats you provided have been very useful in my job search. The easy and informal way you communicated with me was very reassuring. I have just received notification of successful application for a position with the Federal government which promises to be very challenging. Kindest regards to you and the staff at CareerPerfect."
G.S., Washington, D.C.
Career Change

"I think this resume is outstanding and so is the cover letter. .... At the same time I hired you I hired a local resume writer because I wanted to see who's would be better. It is without a doubt the resume and cover letter you wrote. I also think the layout is exceptional."
N.V., Papillion, NE
Engineering Manager

"...I just have to say that I am overwhelmed with the amount of responses I am getting from employers. I actually cannot even fit in all the interviews and assessments, which I never thought would happen to me! So far, I've already been offered two jobs and I have more interviews and assessments next week! I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication to my project. Thank you so much!"
L.M., Orlando, FL
Career Change

"I am so very impressed with your resume writing skills. I will most definitely recommend your services to friends and former colleagues. I thank you for your compliments on my career achievements. I am truly blessed to have someone bring out my genuine professional stature in such an unequivocal and matter of fact style."
L.H.P., Reston, Virginia
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

"I would like to thank you for creating a great resume. I have reapplied to many jobs with my new resume which didn't even respond at all with my old resume. Now I am getting responses from the same companies already with my new resume. I would like to thank you again."
R.P., Fairfield, OH
Recent Graduate

"I have had my resume prepared before ... there was no comparison to the resume/career planning tool you prepared for me. I obtained interviews for the jobs I wanted, regained my confidence, and I just accepted a great offer! Thanks again."
B.G., Seattle, WA
Manufacturing Manager

"I love what you and your team have done for me! Thank you so much. I'll recommend you to all of my friends...."
R.M., Bristow, VA
Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources/Senior Human Resources Manager
Colonel, United States Air Force

"Thank you for working so hard on my resume. ... This was definitely money well spent! I was very impressed with the quality and speediness of the service. I have recently shown my resume to friends and coworkers and they were also impressed. Some of them even wanted the web site address so they too can have their resumes done. Again, Thank you much!"
T.C., Camarillo, CA
Lab Manager (Biotech)

"I just want to thank you for doing such a great job. I have already landed my perfect career. I posted on the resume on the 23rd [Thursday]. I was contacted by a company on Monday. I interviewed on Wednesday ... and I get the formal nod tonight (Saturday). I will be starting on the 10th..."
G.G., Knox, IN
Operations Manager

"Thank you so much for doing an excellent job in re-writing my resume, and writing the cover letter. The difference between the 'before' and 'after' resume is truly amazing. Having had to complete the skills questionnaire prior to submitting the old resume for re-write has really opened up my eyes to my accomplishments. I had never really taken such a close look at my work experience before. Thank you for enabling me to do this exercise. .... I also appreciate the timeliness in your responses. Utilizing your resume writing service is probably the best investment I have made in myself in a long time."
K.W., West Indies
Director of Marketing

"Thank you so much. After reading the drafts I feel so confident in my decision to seek out someone to write my resume. I could not of made it look that good in a million years."
L.P., Houston, TX
Program Manager (Health Care)

"Using [your] resume writers has been a great experience. I am very pleased with the resume and cover letter that was prepared, and the phone support was outstanding. I am now working in the field I was hoping for, and have a 30% salary increase! I am spreading the word to everyone I come in contact with that [your] resume writers is the only way to go! Great job on perfecting customer satisfaction!"
J.B., Farmington Hills, MI
Human Resources Manager

"Thank you for working on my resume. It's funny because I really wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to get my resume professional written. .... I realized how right you were to shorten it the way you did. It's quite clear and concise now. I love the format of it ... especially the way my talents/skills are highlighted. You did capture everything in a nutshell ... and this way I won't bore potential employers to death trying to read everything I tried to make sure was included in my previous lengthy resume. The cover letter is also super *It's embarrassing to look at the one I was using before now!* So what I'm trying to say in a nutshell is the resume is perfect. .... Thanks again!"
S.W., Newfoundland, Canada
Radio Producer

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