Following up after an Interview Is Important

Follow-up can significantly affect whether or not an offer is extended. Following up after an interview addresses a key employer concern: your interest level in the position. In addition, you are demonstrating, by the very act of following up, personal and professional qualities that are typically sought by an employer: dedication, tenacity, attention to detail, and the ability to follow through. In some instances, employers may even use the lack of follow-up as a screening device: a way to narrow down the number of candidates to a short list; those who do follow up become finalists.

More often, however, there are usually several top candidates, each with various tradeoffs regarding strengths and liabilities. The employer is often faced with a difficult decision, and follow-up, when handled correctly, offers a strategic means of tipping the scales in your favor.

Besides demonstrating your interest level and the desired qualities employers seek, strategic follow-up offers the opportunity to reassure the employer regarding any concerns they might have about you being the best choice for the position. This can make the difference between an offer being extended to you rather than another candidate. Even if an offer is not extended to you at this particular time, it helps you to stand out — and could lead to another position in the future

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