Generating Income in the Short-Term

If your immediate financial situation is urgent, you need to think in terms of a short-term goal to generate income and a longer-term career goal.

You need to do several things right away:

  • Determine your immediate minimum monthly income requirements. Look over your expenses for the past 6 months to one year. Determine what you can do without and what you need. It is important to plan for job search expenses, e.g., resume development, postage, phone and fax, travel expenses, etc.
  • Assess your current skills and determine where you have the quickest potential for immediate income.
  • Use local temporary employment services for immediate income from temporary assignments; these may not use all of your skills, however temporary assignments can help with cash flow and provide the flexibility you need to conduct a job search.
  • Develop and implement an overall Job-Finding strategy. (Visit Job Search Advice & Strategy.)
  • Pursue options for immediate income while continuing to explore rewarding career options.
  • If you are deeply in debt, see a nonprofit consumer credit counseling service in your area; they can take the stress off by helping you plan a debt management strategy and contacting creditors on your behalf.

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