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How to Choose a Resume Writing Service

Selecting a top-quality service can be the deciding factor in job-seeker success. The Professional Resume Writing industry has evolved considerably over the past twenty-five years, and the most dramatic changes have occurred throughout the last decade as more and more individuals utilize the Internet as part of the job search. Where there is rapid industry growth, it is common to see less reliable and sometimes unscrupulous practices emerge.

Following are a few basic steps to help ensure you select a legitimate, best-of-class resume writing service:

Visible Track Record

Look for sites with a strong history and a proven track record, ideally 10 (or more) years online. Reputable sites will typically publish information regarding ownership, location, and history; questionable sites hide this information through a proxy service or private registration (a practice common with untrustworthy sites). It is relatively easy to locate site-specific information using the WHOIS search at a public domain registrar, such as Look for "Record created on," which indicates the date when the domain was first registered. In addition, the "IP Location" provides the physical origination of the particular Internet Addresses listed.

It may also be helpful to seek companies that are large or have partnerships and/or strong affiliations with large organizations since industry leaders seek to partner with companies they can trust to uphold their sterling commitment to service and quality.

Resume Mills and Fraudulent Review Sites

  • Sites and/or writers that may be overseas: Resumes from these sites are often replete with poor grammar or written by writers whose English is not their primary language. Such sites typically advertise low-cost resume writing, often under $100.00.
  • Sites claiming to be independent Review Sites and/or Nonprofit: These review sites and the resume writing service they promote or rank highest are often operated by the same business. This allows the company to create the illusion of an objective assessment of the product and service quality, when in fact they are merely marketing their own services.
  • Sites advertising fictitious resume writing certifications or memberships with fictitious professional associations: These will often sound similar to authentic associations and can be confusing to job seekers.

Improper Use of Trademark or Copyright Symbols

Some sites are using a fraudulent Registered Trademark Symbol ("®") or the improper use of the Copyright Symbol ("") to enhance search engine advertisements. Obtaining a registered trademark denoted by "®" is an involved legal process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and applies to words or phrases that meet rigorous standards; once granted, the trademark owner can legitimately display the mark together with the registered symbol, e.g., CareerPerfect®, Yahoo®, or Monster®. To verify if a registered trademark actually exists, you may search the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website at (Note: Do not include the ("®") symbol; for example, search using a company name such as "CareerPerfect" or "Yahoo")

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