Sample Interview Follow-up Letter

NOTE: This letter addresses the possible employer concern about candidate working in a new industry

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Terry Wales
1855 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 02856

May 20, 20XX

Mr. Michael Wilson
Product Development Manager
Techno Products, Inc.
1000 West Broadway
New York, NY 02888

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Thank you for your time and courtesy during our meeting on Thursday. I enjoyed our discussion on the new widget product you are developing and appreciated you taking me on a tour of your facility. The more we discussed this position, and after seeing your facility and meeting your staff, my interest in joining your team grew strong.

In giving further thought to our discussion about working in the widget industry for the first time, I realized I had a similar situation several years back while working with a new optical technology at ABC Corp. While it required more time to get up to speed, I dedicated extra personal time to become familiar with the specifics of that project, and was able to deliver our prototype ahead of schedule.

With my dedication, team work, and experience in developing optical technology, I feel I would be an asset to your team and am confident I can make a valuable contribution to Techno Products, Inc.

I appreciate your consideration and am excited by the prospect of working with you and developing the new widget product line. Enclosed is an additional copy of my résumé for your convenience. I look forward to talking with you again soon.


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Terry Wales


For more on effective interview follow-up, visit InterviewSmart® – Online

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